The Green Queen proposal

For two or more years I have been working on my book the Green Queen.


Last year I started a book proposal with help from my mentor. She said go to the bookstores and see where you book would sit on the shelves. What a fun assignment to go around to different bookstores and picture my book for sale. It was the perfect time because it was just a couple of weeks before earth day. I looked at several bookstores in New York City itself. Almost all of them had a special display just for Earth Day. I thought the Green Queen would fit right in. IMG_1237IMG_1238

I’m still not exactly sure where it would go during the regular year. I think it would just be filed under my last name with the other picture books.


The Green Queen is a story about a little girl like Albert in the movie Bogus who knows the difference between caring for the environment and has an internal compass that directs him to inform others of their decisions. He calls Whoopie Goldberg a “Polluter” when she offers him a styrofoam cup. I think kids get recylcing and caring for the planet easier then adults do.



You can see other paintings for this project at

What’s your favorite thing to do to care for the planet?

Christmas Card 2014


Got this years Christmas Card done today!

LOVE the UPS store. Im not sure that’s really a strong enough word. To be able to go in, scan, create card, print, and cut in under an hour so close to home is amazing!

The other night Mike and I saw this little mouse scurrying across the road, hit a patch of black ice and look just like he was skiing in a cartoon across the road. I knew immediately what this years card would look like and here it is done already!!

Every Christmas I try to send a new card and a personalized note. Do you still send out hand written Christmas cards?

The biggest little difference for watercolor painting.


I was amazed at how much easier this spray bottle has made my water color painting. I used to use a big old spray bottle that was always hard to adjust from stream to spray and just was too big. This little bottle I picked up when traveling once has been AWESOME! I just love it, it gets my paints nice and wet, doesn’t fall over on my desk all the time, and works perfect!

It’s the little things right?!

Are there any tricks you’d like to share that seem tiny but make such a big difference?

Fifteen Minutes to Create Positive Change


Last year I was listening to Michael Hyatt or maybe it was John Lee Dumas. Maybe it was Michael Hyatt on John Lee Dumas? Haha. Could be I see he was on episode 26 and 447. I just remember there was this challenge to do something that would make significant change in your life in just 15 minutes a day.


Nope I found it. It was in this episode of Michael Hyatt’s This is Your Life podcast on goal setting. Michael shares 5 great strategies to help build new habits. He talks about the difficulties of changing and how creating new habits like journalling, flossing everyday, studying, reading, or working out instead of deleting things will make change easier. Just make sure you pick something to add to your life that is going to make significant positive change.


So I decided the biggest impact I could make was to do a 15 minute sketch each day. Here are some of my sketches I completed last winter. I still try to do a lot of 15 minutes sketches but not one everyday by any means. Maybe I should take that up for a new years resolution?

Do you have any daily habits that contribute to your success?

Recycled Christmas Wrap

SI ExifLast November I posted this on my website. For some reason my blog doesn’t show up there any more? So I am reposting the link to the page directly here. This was one of the most fun projects I have ever done. I loved the way these came out.

SI Exif

My mom always decorated presents this way when I was a kid and I loved giving the presents just to see people’s expressions before they even unwrapped it! It made the holidays all the more special!   SI Exif


What’s one of your favorite holiday traditions? I’d love to hear.