Bookstore love? Doesn’t that sound dreamy?

Bookstore love?

A lot of people have asked me lately has belonging to SCBWI been beneficial? I have to say 100% No, 1000% , No, 1,000,000%.

Going to events and meeting authors who were just where you were a few years ago as well as authors who have been writing for years is invaluable. The learning curve is incredible.


I recently made the SCBWI blog my homepage. I can’t miss a thing and am current on what’s going on in the Children’s book world every time I open a new page. And I use the shortcut CMD+L all the time! (if you don’t know what that does it means you can open a new page in your browser and just press the command key and the l key at the same time and it will highlight the space bar and search google or whoever your search engine is right away… and if you go to certain websites a lot like amazon, or the organic gardener podcast home page or the library or Facebook or wherever you normally go the website will usually auto-fill after just a few letters)

Anyway… just an FYI if your on the fence about paying $80 or whatever the annual fee is I guarantee its the best buy on the planet. That’s not even $10 a month. It’s incredible what you get and what you learn. I should have been an avid member forever…

“Come up with a simple craft and offer to read your book along with a couple others. The store will love you.” Anyway heres some great advice from the blog. Wouldn’t you love for bookstores to love you. from Mary Anne Fraser

The Freedom Journal | John Lee Dumas | Podcaster’s Paradise | Making Your Dreams Come True


So I’d like to say a little bit about the Freedom Journal by John Lee Dumas.


I think it was so amazing that my Freedom Journal arrived the day before I left for Paris. I have been listening to Entrepreneur on Fire which is John Lee Dumas‘ podcast since the Fall of 2013. Without a doubt it has changed my life as well as many many many others. I often say John will get a nobel peace prize in economics some day for leveling the playing field of business. I feel like I have gotten an MBA from listening to his show. (and yes he is up to episode 1258 today, and I am about 8 episodes behind but basically I have listened to all of them).


Anyway I signed up for John’s Kickstarter campaign back in December so to get my journal the day before I left for Paris in February was a real sign I was on the right path!



So to start day one of my Freedom Journal on Day One of my trip to Paris seemed incredible. When I joined the Freedom Journal Facebook Group, I posted my goal: . Immediately Kate Erickson responded (this is why these guys rock because they actually talk to their listeners all the time)

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 7.28.36 AM

So after pondering Kate’s advice for a few days, I decided maybe she’s right. I should self publish a book and then go from there. So my Freedom Journal goal is:

To self-publish my book Dreams Do Come True on amazon. I decided I would do this in 80 days instead and then spend the last 20 days promoting it and searching for that elusive agent… I have to admit, I am worried I am not gonna reach that goal, as I don’t have as many pages done as I should.

Building Connections

The very first author who had self published a book on amazon was  I met on Instagram was Irina Trzaskos.


I bought it right away and still love it. Especially my Christmas card that year matched one of her illustrations:



20141205-003800.jpgskiing mouse

Some other authors who are helping me on this journey include the amazing marketing maven Katie Davis

How To Write a Childrens Book


 Janet Fox who I met when she was a panelist at my first SCBWI conference in Bozeman, MT



I love her book Faithful, a historical novel about Yellowstone Park. And now her new book the Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle just had an amazing review on B& that will make your order yours today but I’m just warning you, spoiler alert at least for the first couple of chapters . . .


And this week especially! Ona Praderas has been a big inspiration with her book Hip Heroes which just launched yesterday and I highly recommend you order a copy and give her a 5 star review ASAP!



Anyway, I started this post this morning because I have to say, the Freedom Journal has been essential in helping me stay FOCUSED…






I can’t believe how many “ah ha!” moments I have…

How many things I know I should do but never seem to have the time for are getting scratched off my to do list.


I love to go back and reflect, I love the way I notice patterns in my place where you fill in your struggles, I love to read through it, and I can’t wait till it’s done. I think it will be a book I will look back on for years to come and remember different things about building my business.

I love the way it makes me see what I need to do to move forward. It organizes my ideas, helps me design my days and weeks focusing on small goals and helps me create this sense of urgency with a specific deadline, it has to get down in this sprint.

How many realitizations I’ve had…. since I started to follow the Freedom Journal  steps.




It also inspires me to take chances. To step outside my comfort zone, to analyze what I have to do to move forward.


but speaking of this sprint time to work on Dreams Do Come True… this spirit my goal is to have the first 10 pages done ready to give away as a free download for per orders down the line on Launch day … May 5th 2016!

And remember to sign up for my email list to know when launch day is coming and when you can download your first ten pages for free!


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