The 2015 Picture Book Summit


Yesterday I attended Katie DavisPicture Book Summit and was it amazing!


First I want to encourage anyone interested in becoming an author of children’s books to check out Katie’s amazing podcast Brain Burps about Books and then go directly to iTunes and give her a 5 star review! This woman has done more to teach me about publishing my children’s book then anyone in years. She’s funny and full of valuable information and deserves to make new and noteworthy. Actually, what I really care about are other authors like me finding her, I would have missed the amazing Picture Book Summit yesterday if I hadn’t have found her and I just happened to find her when I was googling another podcast. And I have to say I talked to other SCBWI published authors who said they have taken her classes and they were very valuable for them.

OK enough about the amazing fun lovely and intelligent Katie Davis, and yes I did see two people in about 30 seconds propose to her on the chat…


The Picture Book Summit was so full of valuable information it was incredible! And they have a Facebook group we all got to join (yes all 600+ of us probably almost 1000 people) get to continue this journey together. The speakers gave valuable information about how to perfect your craft, how to develop characters,  plot and story for young children, how to make sure your story is ready for submission, and some specifics on working with an illustrator if you just write text.

Peter Brown's My Teacher is A Monster book cover.

Peter Brown’s My Teacher is A Monster book cover.

I can’t say any one presenter was better then another. Starting off with Peter Brown an author I had never heard of but quickly fell in love with after hearing him speak and then googling his website and books of which I promptly ordered 3-4. I mean how could I resist My Teacher is a Monster?


Andrea Davis Pinkney gave an inspiring and very informative talk on writing non-fiction with lots of amazing advice for me who so wants to be a biographer!!! Learning about how she collaborated with her husband as the illustrator and how they run their formal weekly work sessions, how she would develop ideas and capture them on everything from her idea journal she takes everywhere to the bottom of a flip flop when it got left home accidentally one day, and how to create an engaging piece of non-fiction kids won’t label as yucky spinach! I think she would have got a standing ovation if we were in the room with her.

A consistent theme was write a good story. There were lots of pluses and minuses, good and bad, to becoming an author of children’s books in todays age. The ability to connect with an audience on social media and control your own platform and career is better then ever before, but this also meant more work. But the underlying theme was connecting with your readers was fun and nothing to be scared of. Then they taught you how to do just that!!

The agent and editor breaks were very informative as well answering questions  about how to submit, what they are looking for, and how to perfect your manuscript and picture book dummy!

The panelists and speakers were SOOOOO FUN! And willing to be silly and keep the day upbeat and energetic! (and let me tell you it was a long one, but one you didn’t want to miss a second of… on the seat of your pants all day wondering what’s coming that I don’t want to miss cause this is so good!)


And as a side bonus, because I could watch and participate all from the comfort of my living room, I was able to mop my floor, do my dishes, paint a picture of my avatar I’ve been wanting to get done, and create a story board for both my East Glacier Bear story and the Green Queen books!

My story about Levi Bear who wants to go to school gets planned out.

My story about Levi Bear who wants to go to school gets planned out.

AND BEST OF ALL we got a private invitation to submit to the agents and one editor!! My fingers are crossed, but I feel like I’m so ready… we’ll see, could take another 5 years before I get my stuff perfected? IDK.

Anyway I learned a ton about what to do next, so enough computing off to work!!!

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Dreams Do Come True

This is the cover to my book Dreams Do Come True…


It’s one of the first book projects I started. I have been thinking about it a lot lately as I think about creating a new podcast about journaling and art. I love to journal and it seems like everyone I talk to lately is talking about journaling.

Dreams Do Come True is actually a journal that you fill in with the dreams you have for your future. I think it’s nice to see what you were thinking about as a child and then when you are an adult go back and see how many things come true,  how much has changed over the years etc. And maybe keep track while you are on course.

One of my big dreams that I want to come true right now is to get a book published.

This is one of my favorite projects and especially as fires are all around I think this is more important today then ever. The Green Queen is a book about a little girl who points out to people everyday things they can do in their ordinary lives to help create a greener planet.


I just can’t understand people in this day and age who still use a styrofoam cup?!


I have also been visiting a lot of farmer’s markets lately and I love this painting of the farmer’s market the Green Queen visits!

You can see a video of the Green Queen at my Facebook page!

You can also see any of my other projects at my website:

5 reasons why you should be listening to podcasts.


Listening To Chris Farrell On the Solopreneur Hour “You are exactly where you should be right now…” and I’m running through Paris right by La Place du Tertre

1. Podcasts are inspirational.

Listening to stories about other people’s journeys will give you confidence to complete your own goals. As you hear about their challenges, obstacles and downright failures and how they overcame them you will gain faith in your ability to conquer your own fears, climb your own mountains, and reach for your own dreams.


2. There are Podcasts about everything.

Do you like beer, bull riding, to play Magic? Do you want to learn how to sell your first novel, social media marketing or real estate investing? Are you a knitter, gardener, tae kwon do master? Do you want to travel, adopt a baby, lose weight? Want to learn how to farm, work from home, open a retail clothing store? What do you like? I’ll bet there’s a podcast about it out there.

3. Free education.

Podcasting is one of the newest forms of education available and Yes it’s free! There is so much quality information out there you can practically earn an MBA from listening provided you follow the action steps presented and do the work recommended.

4. Podcasting is the ultimate multitasking activity.

You can listen to podcasts while driving, exercising, folding the laundry or doing any mundane task. You might actually find yourself looking forward to your next workout because it means you get to hear the newest episode just downloaded from your favorite host. It’s almost like hanging out with them.

5. Discover friends who have the same interests as you.

Lots of Podcasters have communities that have organically developed over time of fans that share knowledge, tips, successes, etc. Many of these people you end up meeting in person in the future at a conference, concert, or event. Networking has never been easier nor has meeting like minded people from all corners of the world.


Headed to a Conference to Meet my Peeps! Driven over Going-To-The-Sun Road by one of my Favorite Guests!


Glacier National Park




The Green Queen proposal

For two or more years I have been working on my book the Green Queen.


Last year I started a book proposal with help from my mentor. She said go to the bookstores and see where you book would sit on the shelves. What a fun assignment to go around to different bookstores and picture my book for sale. It was the perfect time because it was just a couple of weeks before earth day. I looked at several bookstores in New York City itself. Almost all of them had a special display just for Earth Day. I thought the Green Queen would fit right in. IMG_1237IMG_1238

I’m still not exactly sure where it would go during the regular year. I think it would just be filed under my last name with the other picture books.


The Green Queen is a story about a little girl like Albert in the movie Bogus who knows the difference between caring for the environment and has an internal compass that directs him to inform others of their decisions. He calls Whoopie Goldberg a “Polluter” when she offers him a styrofoam cup. I think kids get recylcing and caring for the planet easier then adults do.



You can see other paintings for this project at

What’s your favorite thing to do to care for the planet?

Publisher’s Weekly’s Children’s Bookshelf

Well, today, all I have is a suggestion that you subscribe to Publisher’s Weekly’s Children’s Bookshelf email. The best way to stay updated on what’s going on in children’s book industry is by reading what Publisher’s Weekly has to say. This has to be one of the most valuable resources and informative newsletters that is available for any niche across the board.

Do you subscribe to publisher’s weekly? Is there a resource you can recommend? How to stay up-to-date on the industry?

30 Day Challenge


So, today I created a 30 day challenge for myself to write at least 10 blog posts for the month of August. That’s one every 3 days. I will aim to publish them on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I find I have to have goals with an established deadline in order to accomplish more tasks and be successful.



Some topics I have in mind include:

Creating a Basic Platform for an Artist/Illustrator – and why you need one

The Importance of Email Capture – and what it is

How I Start a Story Book – Project from start to finish

Reading My Own Books on Video – why recording your voice and listening to your story is great feedback

Social Media Basics: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Podcasting, etc

My Ten Favorite Business Books

If there’s anything you would like to read about please let me know in the comments or email me at