The 2015 Picture Book Summit

Yesterday I attended Katie Davis' Picture Book Summit and was it amazing! First I want to encourage anyone interested in becoming an author of children's books to check out Katie's amazing podcast Brain Burps about Books and then go directly to iTunes and give her a 5 star review! This woman has done more to teach … Continue reading The 2015 Picture Book Summit

Dreams Do Come True

This is the cover to my book Dreams Do Come True... It's one of the first book projects I started. I have been thinking about it a lot lately as I think about creating a new podcast about journaling and art. I love to journal and it seems like everyone I talk to lately is … Continue reading Dreams Do Come True

5 reasons why you should be listening to podcasts.

1. Podcasts are inspirational. Listening to stories about other people's journeys will give you confidence to complete your own goals. As you hear about their challenges, obstacles and downright failures and how they overcame them you will gain faith in your ability to conquer your own fears, climb your own mountains, and reach for your … Continue reading 5 reasons why you should be listening to podcasts.

Publisher’s Weekly’s Children’s Bookshelf

Well, today, all I have is a suggestion that you subscribe to Publisher’s Weekly’s Children’s Bookshelf email. The best way to stay updated on what’s going on in children’s book industry is by reading what Publisher’s Weekly has to say. This has to be one of the most valuable resources and informative newsletters that is … Continue reading Publisher’s Weekly’s Children’s Bookshelf