Instagram where have you been all my life?

I just signed up on Instagram because some podcast interview I listened to said its the place for artists.

Found this amazing artist:

Irina Trzaskos

If you have t checked out instagram give it a try.
I dont understand it as usual- more confusing hash tag stuff but all I can say is Wow!!

What’s your favorite social media platform?


Christmas Card 2014


Got this years Christmas Card done today!

LOVE the UPS store. Im not sure that’s really a strong enough word. To be able to go in, scan, create card, print, and cut in under an hour so close to home is amazing!

The other night Mike and I saw this little mouse scurrying across the road, hit a patch of black ice and look just like he was skiing in a cartoon across the road. I knew immediately what this years card would look like and here it is done already!!

Every Christmas I try to send a new card and a personalized note. Do you still send out hand written Christmas cards?